Listen to Your Body

My sessions are characterized by a holistic approach – healing both mentally and physically by looking for the root cause of a pain. By looking deep into their mind and identifying certain emotions associated with the pain, many of my clients are relieved from chronic pain that could not be cured from traditional acupuncture treatments alone.

For example,

  • 40-year-old real estate agent with severe shoulder pain could not sleep for a long time because of the pain. She reported she slept soundly after just one session.
  • 50-year-old housewife with chronic stomach pain was relieved from indigestion, which helped her pursue her long-time dream of taking voice training.
  • 50-year-old woman, suffering from insomnia due to menopause, reported she slept well until the morning, right after her session.


I used to think this, also.

Trained in traditional acupuncture, I used to give regular acupuncture sessions to clients based on Eastern medicine. While acupuncture is effective for many people, I noticed that some people keep coming back to me with the same symptoms.

Then I learned those clients had in common emotional stress. Depending on the areas of their pain and the specific types of emotions they had, there was a pattern of emotions manifesting as physical pain.

For example,

  • Chronic lower back pain may indicate fear related to money and chronic financial problems.
  • Shoulder pain may represent burdens and responsibilities. Those with chronic shoulder tensions might have problem asking for help or depending on others.
  • Neck pain might indicate inflexibility. Patients with a stiff neck might be putting pressure on themselves.

“Learning about the relationship between emotions and body might make breakthrough in my treatments,” I thought. Then I learned a method to find the real cause of a pain by receiving messages from my patients’ subconscious mind by performing muscle testing.

After mastering the method, I tried it on my friends, family and clients. Almost everyone confirmed their body reactions accurately reflected messages from their own emotions. That led me to believe combining this method with traditional acupuncture would let me heal my clients both mentally and physically.

Since then, I have seen significant improvement in my clients’ testimonials.

Here are what my clients say:

  • “I didn’t think the root cause of my physical pain was in my emotions. I am so happy to be healed physically by realizing my emotional pain.”
  • “I have never had an acupuncture session like this. I felt very relaxed after the treatment.”
  • Since your treatment, I am no longer irritated by my subordinates. My family has also noticed it and I am a happier person.”

Eastern medicine is based on a belief that emotions and body are inseparable. By listening to what the body is telling us, we can uncover emotional wounds and thought patterns that we are not even aware of. When you ignore your own emotions, they manifest as pains, insomnia, and fatigue.

As an acupuncturist, I want as many people as possible to experience the body-mind connection. I believe this integrated mind-body approach will help you release physical pain but also start living life on your own terms.