Mugwort V-Steam

Heal your “Lady Parts”

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • Pee leaking when you sneeze or without noticing during day and night.
  • Prolapse uterus when you push hard on your poop, or jumping or hopping. 
  • Painful inter course or no sensaion down there…

If so, you may suffer from Pelvic Dysfunction.

Over 30 million women, which means 1 in 3 women in the U.S. alone are suffering from devastating pain and dysfunction on their lady parts.  

When you were young, you wouldn’t imagine this could happen to you, but if this becomes your reality and keeps bothering your life and embarrassing you, here is the solution. Let’s heal your lady part with V-stem. 

V-steam (a.k.a. “vaginal steam or “Yoni steam”) is a natural, centuries-old sauna-type therapy that is said to stimulate blood circulation from the core of the body, with the goal of easing various women’s health issues as well as improving poor blood circulation. Similar to a sitz bath, the herb-infused steam warms and rejuvenates the vaginal area as a woman sits on a special stool and is protected by a gown. For some women, the v-steam method helps detoxify their bodies of harmful substances.


By appointment only, completely private room

Yoni-steam session is all about you. If you have a busy life, take this opportunity to be yourself and relax. You can play your favorite music or video on your phone during your sessions, but I personally recommend meditation / healing music. Yoni-steam session is all about you. If you have a busy life, take this opportunity to be yourself and relax

Note: If this is your first v-steam experience, I explain about the process for about 5 minutes.

What to wear

Basically, you will remove all of your clothes and wearing a gown, which we will provide. If you are not comfortable touching the gown, you can wear a tank top or bath wrap underneath, which might increase moisture and sweating.

What to bring

  • Towel to wipe yourself after the session.
  • Bath wrap (optional)
  • Extra underwear (if you want to keep your underwear during the session)
  • Hairband
  • Water (important!!)
  • Makeup products
  • Music or video (optional. I recommend meditation music to listen to during a session.)

3 types of V-steam herb combinations

Depending on your goal, I can formulate 3 types of combinations.

  • Feminine issues (empower uterus and balancing female hormones)
  • Detox, weight loss (increasing metabolism, stimulating detoxication)
  • Cosmetic, skin (boosting immune system, improving allergies)

Please inform us which combination you would like. I can also prepare you the right Chinese herbal medicines based on your conditions. Please let me know as soon as possible.

Payment methods

We accept cash, check, credit card and PayPal.24-hour rule applies. We will charge full fee if appointment is cancelled within 24 hours.
We cannot steam during menstruation. Please check your period cycle before booking. Even if you find you have a period on the day of the session, the 24-hour rule applies.

1 visit $120 (60 minutes) *$10 for each 10-minute extension
Packages $1100 (10 visits)
$550 (5 visits)


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Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment.

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