Japanese calligrapher

One mission, two different tools

Needles and brushes might look different, but both are the tools for me to aim at the same thing: kindness, love, warmth, comfort, courage, awareness, inspiration, release. Both acupuncture and calligraphy are

I support you from outside the body through the needles of acupuncture and from inside through teaching you to use the brushes of a calligrapher to:

  • sooth your body and mind
  • find the answer you are looking for
  • feel emotions that you have forgotten
  • spark joy

That is my lifework and mission, as well as my joy.

I had a dilemma pursuing both careers as an acupuncturist and a calligrapher at the beginning. But the more I work on my craft, and with brush and paper, I realized where I am going as an acupuncturist and a calligrapher are the same: to focus and be fully present with a person in front of me.

My mission is to support people to …

  • have their lives filled with joy. 
  • take back control of their lives. 
  • remember the meaning of their lives.

Effectiveness of my services are not temporary. Through acupuncture, I help you remember the natural healing power you already have. It will make you change your awareness, which changes your actions, which changes your health and that of yourfamily.

Through my calligraphy work, I deliver joy and excitement.
Through calligraphy lessons, I help you find yourself and detox your mind every time you work on your calligraphy. Calligraphy is not only therapeutic but can be also a great gift to show someone you care.