Happy New Year 2024!
Greetings from holistic acupuncturist Naomi Machimura L.Ac, dedicated to healing inside out, both from mind and body.


I hope this year brings you joy and prosperity. Despite the Gregorian calendar marking today as January 6th, in the lunar calendar, it’s still November 25th, known as “Shokan” or Minor Cold, this means that the true Spring is a bit further away.


Perhaps that’s why, even after the New Year, eating rice cakes as if I were in my home town in Japan, and festivities, the sense of the New Year is elusive. In the past, I believed it was because I was in the United States, but studying Eastern medicine and Nine Star Ki astrology made me understand that, following the flow of the universe in the lunar calendar, the new year begins after Risshun (立春), or the Coming of Spring. It seems natural that during this time of the year is still in hibernation mode for us, humans as well 🙂


Therefore, I believe that January is a time for transitioning with the energy of the universe, a time to reflect on how you want to spend the remaining month until Risshun(February 4th) and how to approach 2024 without forcing any plans and changes like New Year Resolutions.


The saying goes, “New Year’s Day is the key of the year!”, on the contrary, take this time slowly to reassess your goals for 2024.


On a personal note, December was an interesting month filled with consecutive “stop” signs. It started with a minor car accident that someone hit our family car from behind, followed by prolonged illness in both my children. Additionally, a plumbing issue led to home repairs, forcing us to evacuate to a hotel from Christmas night. From our evacuation point, we embarked on a planned trip to Zion National Park. Despite the unusual experiences in the midst of daily life, spending the end-of-year holidays in extremely cold regions was refreshing and memorable.


My husband and I, burdened with accumulated stress, were arguing before the trip, but during our travels, we found ourselves engaging in conversation again and even sharing jokes. Nature played a significant role in this transformation.


While the calendar marks the beginning of 2024, energetically, it’s still ahead of us. Take your time to prepare your body and mind for the upcoming year at your own pace.



Best wishes,

Naomi Machimura,
your Holistic Acupuncturist



In Japan, many people have experienced disasters and accidents right at the beginning of the new year, and I extend my sympathies. I pray for the swift recovery of the areas affected by earthquakes.


PS2:We are planning a “21-Day Cleanse Program” starting on Risshun, February 4, 2024. Details will be shared in the next newsletter. If you’ve overindulged during the holidays, want to start 2024 feeling refreshed, aim to lower body fat, cholesterol, and blood sugar before your annual health check-up, or wish to tighten both your body and mind, stay tuned for more information!