It’s Naomi, your go-to holistic acupuncturist for mind and body healing.

We kicked off the New Year with a “Let’s do this!” spirit, but guess what? That didn’t last long.

  • Seriously, the body’s all about that easy fatigue.
  • Colds are sticking around like that one friend who never leaves.
  • Sleeping? Still waking up tired.


And it’s not just the body – the mind’s a bit all over the place too…

  • Easily irritated.
  • Thought you’ve moved past something? Nope, now it’s making you mad again.

Feelings of “anger” (= liver vibes) are making a comeback…


If you’re ready to bid farewell to this state, here are two options.

Option one!

If you’re feeling pretty good and all gung-ho to start right now, I recommend kicking off a 21-day cleanse diet from this period. (You can get the kits from the link below!)


On the flip side…

  • Nah, not feeling that energetic.
  • Let’s start by getting the health in check.
  • My mind and body are still in winter hibernation mode.

I totally get it.


For folks like you, I’ve got just the thing – the Castor Oil Pack.

This pack lets you detox without stressing your body, helping to slowly eliminate the stuff you don’t need. It’s got anti-inflammatory and calming effects, good for liver detox, promoting bathroom visits, and kicking lower back pain to the curb.

Chill out and detox with this Castor Oil Pack!

  • Perfect for those with a struggling liver and can’t handle a full cleanse.
  • For those with low energy saying no to diet restrictions.
  • If you’re not mentally ready for a cleanse.
  • Feeling sluggish, lacking motivation, carrying around a heavy stomach – you know the drill.

I stumbled upon this Castor Oil Pack during the pandemic, used it to kill time, and it turned out to be a game-changer! I’ve been recommending it to patients and friends ever since.

Why? Well, it’s:

  • Easy to use
  • The kit’s got all you need, ready to roll.
  • Clothes are made of organic cotton, and the oil is organic too.
  • Stain-resistant
  • The clothes got a string, so no oil leaks.
  • Convenient
  • No need to wash the cloth every day. Just keep using it until the oil sinks in. Pop on an old tee or undershirt over the cloth to catch any drips.

So, compared to other products, it’s a breeze to use daily. Sleep with it, do chores or chill on the couch – your call.

Oh, and some notes during the Castor Oil Pack time! Important stuff!

Make sure to catch or kick out those toxins!

Castor oil’s job is to get your organs moving and toss out toxins. The expelled toxins travel through your body via lymphatic fluid, ideally coming out through sweat, pee, and poop!

But, if your body’s still a toxin magnet, what happens?

  • Not sweating much
  • Not a fan of exercise
  • Tendency to get backed up
  • Holding in that pee for long time


If that sounds like your health and lifestyle, do these as much as possible during the Castor Oil Pack time:

  • Soak in a bath with epsom salt bath
  • Hit up a far-infrared sauna
  • Do a colon cleanse(if you’re interested, I’ll recommend you the specialist in Costa Mesa)
  • Drink charcoal before bed (recommended here).
    • It sucks up harmful bacteria in your intestines and gets rid of them with your poop.
  • Dry brush before your shower (recommended here).
    • This scrubs off old skin, stimulates your pores, and makes it easier to boot out toxins.

Combine these, and you’ll keep those Castor Oil Pack side effects to a minimum.


By the way, I had no clue about toxins coming back three years ago…Suddenly I got hives on my neck and chest, and it was a nightmare.Turns out, parasites (apparently) were having a party in my body.

Back then, I was like, “!@#?%*@” but later learned that when detoxing, you’ve got to either catch or fully kick out those toxins. Every experience is a lesson.

So, during this slow winter period, Detox like a Queen!

Let’s rock this slow winter time, welcome spring (New Year) with all the energy!